Concert Music Reimagined

Live music – especially classical music – is routinely confined to the concert hall. This situation creates an artificial barrier between artists and the public, turns off younger audiences, and limits the concert experience to a diminishing population of elite "connaisseurs".

Let's set the music free!

We envision a world in which concert music is enjoyed in our homes, at the office, in wine bars, museums, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, golf resorts, schools... In short: anytime, anywhere, up close, and personal.

We also want to give musicians a "plug and play" platform for connecting directly with their audiences, growing their fan base, and sharing their passion for the music.

This vision inspired us to create Rhapsody Productions.

Our values

Our business practices are based on a set of beliefs that help us build trust with our audiences, clients, musicians, and partners. The goal is for everyone involved in our productions to experience something beautiful and unforgettable.

excellence for a new era of Concert music

Whether it is for our public events or our private clients, we seek to bring new and unforgettable experiences to diverse audiences. To do so, we hire only excellent musicians, with a preference for new talents who, we believe, are the next generation of performers.


a strong dedication to musicians

If we are picky when it comes to choosing our performers, we acknowledge that me must reward them at the level of their unique talent. That is why Rhapsody Productions offers the best conditions for the musicians it hires. Artists, managers, booking agents: please visit our Artists page.


A commitment to democratising the musical experience

At Rhapsody Productions, freedom, creativity, proximity, and accessibility are in our DNA – and our name reflects that spirit.

In music, the word rhapsody means:

a one-movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, colour and tonality. An air of spontaneous inspiration and a sense of improvisation make it freer in form than a set of variations
— Wikipedia