Presenting Ensemble Chagall - a mosaic of musical talents

Rhapsody Productions Discovered Ensemble Chagall at the Fête de la Musique in June. Since then, ideas are flowing and collaborative projects are in full swing!

Portrait of an ensemble that is redefining Geneva’s musical landscape

What strikes you when meeting Elodie Bugni (violinist) and Jean-Pierre Berry (horn player), co-managers of Swiss-based Ensemble Chagall, is how passionately they describe their musical projects and their musicians. Such dynamism has attracted world-class artists who are eager to push the boundaries of “classical” concert formats.

After all, you need exceptional musical talents to perform Bach, gypsy music, and Debussy with equal artistic integrity! With an aim to avoid rehashing traditional repertoire in typical concert settings, Ensemble Chagall proposes a variety of concert programmes revolving around the works of the painter Marc Chagall, especially his ceiling fresco at the Opera Garnier.

Bugni, Berry, and friends create immersive experiences during which the audience sees Chagall’s paintings projected while the music is played, and the actor Philippe Tolbiac recites texts highlighting different aspects of the musical and pictural works.

Backed by the musical elite of Switzerland, Ensemble Chagall features names like Lionel Cottet, who already has an impressive international pedigree as a concert cellist. Indeed, virtually all the performers regularly shine in international competitions and on the most famous stages, as soloists or with prominent ensembles and orchestras like the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.

Keen to integrate other art forms in addition to painting, Elodie Bugni is already at work on new projects that mix music with drama and dance, her two other passions. So it was without hesitation that she said “yes!” when Rhapsody Productions offered her the opportunity to play a concerto with none other than Dominique Gauthier, starred chef of the Chat Botté restaurant in Geneva’s Beau-Rivage Hotel!

Book now to reserve your seats on 6 October 2018, when Elodie Bugni and Ensemble Chagall co-founder Noémie Bialobroda (violist), team up with Chef Gauthier for a one-of-a-kind fusion of the musical and culinary arts. Aptly named Carpe Diem, this exceptional event is brought to you in partnership with La Maison Hubert, producer of unique gastronomic events where the public meet artisans and starred chefs.

Until then, be sure to follow Rhapsody Productions on social media to stay informed about upcoming projects with the Ensemble Chagall and other great musical talents!

Members of Ensemble Chagall in concert - Geneva 2018